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Travel in Lockdown: Candles Inspired by Destinations | Soy Candles Australia

Your travel bug starting to really itch at your skin? Wanting nothing more than to grab a passport, find a mysterious lover in an overseas country and live out your main character life? We feel ya! We miss travelling more than anything right now so…

The gang got together and tried to think of something we could do, then we realised just how many of our candles and scents are inspired by all sorts of different destination spots around the world and how you can pretty much smell across the globe with our collection. So we present the Candle World Tour, with six initial stops for you to visit… right in the comfort of your own home with our essential oil candles!



Tokyo: Japanese Honeysuckle

Walk through centuries old gardens, complete with deep greens and the blooms of cherry blossom, honeysuckle and gorgeous flowers. Find yourself there with Japanese Honeysuckle, a sweet and floral scent embodying the calming serenity and subtle sophistication of those very gardens. Available in both our scented oil diffuser and our natural soy candles.

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Paris Soy Candles Australia

Paris: Date Night

Elegant luxury finds itself waiting for you in the city of love. Spend a night with a lover underneath the Eiffel tower or find yourself through walks along the River Seine, and discovering the hidden gems that Paris has to offer. A Parisian masterpiece, a heavenly mix of toasted, warm hazelnuts meets spiced creamy vanilla for a truly European delight, sure to transport you to the heart of France.

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Gold Coast | Soy Candles Australia

Gold Coast: Birra Breeze

For when you’re missing your own backyard, feel the hot pavement of Surfer’s Paradise, the smell of ocean in the air and the feeling of the warm sun on your face. Diving into hotel pools, or even better the blues water of the Sunshine State, with this arrangement of refreshing orange, cactus flower and mimosa is laced with amber, cedar and patchouli in this cooling, summertime vibe scent.

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London | Soy Candles Australia

London: Vanilla Caramel

Take the tube right to the heart of London’s chilly winter, walk around, pop in to all the pubs for your favourite English delicacies and for those chilly winds and the frosty white snow, be transported right back to your cosy accomodation with the warmth of Vanilla Caramel, perfect for the English cold. With sugary, dark caramel swirled with creamy vanilla and a touch of tonka bean. Available in both our scented oil diffuser and our natural soy candles.

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Bora Bora: Coconut and Lime

The tropics are calling, and you’re invited to the party with this mix of scent full of freshly cracked coconut, lime and verbena. All smoothed out with lashings of newly harvested vanilla to bring all the best bits of island holiday right inside your home, for you to enjoy. Available in both our scented oil diffuser and our natural soy candles.

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Berlin Australian Soy Candles

Berlin: Smooth Operator

Okay we get it….you’re cool and whether you’re missing trying to get into Berghain and succeeding or buying another all black outfit, you need a modern, in vogue scent that’s unique. A core of sticky honey is gently embraced with musk and earth like notes for a warm and homely scent that’s not too sweet or smokey in Smooth Operator, the must have accompaniment to anybody missing the high-toned moment of Berlin. These vegan candles are the next big thing for those who are seeking it out.

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