Happy Lad Collection

Happy Lad Scents

A masculine take on the classic travel tin and full sized candle, decorated in dark, sophisticated  tone for the metropolitan man, with scents to encapsulate a suave and modernistic lifestyle. A piece of luxury for the modern day man, to ignite and awaken the senses.

Black Hawk: A seductive, sophisticated, and masculine scent painted in notes of
bergamot and cedarwood with underlying tones of warm leather and musk to enchant the senses.

Coastal Vibe / Silverfox: A charged and charming blend of wild freesia, fresh lime, and lavender to embody and capture the coastal breeze and nostalgia of oceanside towns.

Smooth Operator: A core of sticky honey, with the gentle embrace of musk and earth like notes, leaves way for Smooth Operator to be just that… a smooth operator of scent, with it’s warm and homely scents warm and homely without being overly sweet or smokey, simply the perfect balance of suave and sophistication.  

 Is this a TEACHER'S GIFT?

Add a sleeve to fit the box (see image) for FREE (small travel tin only)

Options 1: An awesome teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget.

Options 2: From small seeds grow mighty trees. Thank you for helping our little sapling grow this year.

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