Botanical Aromatherapy Room Spray 200ml

Nurtured by nature and created by Light & Glo to bring a quaint sense of tranquillity and zen. These room sprays are formulated for a sense of cleanliness, with a focus on naturally sourced scents to establish a satisfying ambience within the home.

Sheer Floral: A floral amalgamation of sweet orange peel, fresh honeysuckle and neroli on a base of jasmine for a mild and affable arrangement .

Citrus Mist: A sparkling combination of orange peel and bergamot mixed with the saccharine tones of ylang ylang and peach blossom.

Linen Fresh - The nostalgic smell of falling into a bed of freshly washed sheets and linen, captured into a bottle.

Lavender - Fresh lavender sprigs come to calm and relax the senses, while allowing you to fall into the embrace of sleep.

Made in Australia.