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Reed Diffuser 200ml

REED DIFFUSER (BOXED) Beautiful reed diffusers (200ml). They come complete with material diffusers meaning no more flipping and allows the room to fill with a beautiful longer and stronger fragrance. They come in a choice of Black or Rose gold, completed...

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100% soy wax melts in a pack of 6. Available in a scent of your choice. Wax cube Dimensions: 25mm x 27mmWax Quantity: 6 x 15grams (90 grams total)

Black Stone Jar

STONE RANGE Our innovative stone range draws ideas from the Matte Black revolution we've decided to break the rules and introduce the stone candle vessel.This an extra strong, durable and safe vessel - perfect for making a stunning candle. No candle...

Black LA LUNA Glass Jar

Large LA LUNA Glass Jar The unique pattern on these cut glass jars adds a sophisticated touch. Our LA LUNA Glass range includes a gorgeous matching glass lid. Dimensions: 10.5cm(W) x 10.5cm(H).  Available in Matte black 500ml Approx Burn time: 90hrs

Large Retro Cut Glass Jar

Large RETRO CUT GLASS JAR  The geometric pattern on these cut glass jars adds a sophisticated touch. Our Retro Cut Glass range includes a classic French top. Dimensions: 10.5cm(W) x 18cm(H).  Available in Rose gold, Matte black and Silver 500ml Approx Burn time:...

Black Travel Tin Soy Candle

TRAVEL TIN CANDLE 6oz These travel tin candles are petite, yet perfectly formed, and are an everyday luxurious tin candle. Burn time approx:30hrs

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