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Room sprays are a great alternative to candles, yet also a really effective accompaniment to candles. They give instant scent to the particular area that you spritz it into and you can spray lightly onto soft furnishing that will hold the scent for longer (kind of like when your favourite perfume gets on your scarf and gently lingers for days…heaven!).

If you want your room spray to accompany your candle, this works wonderfully as you can light a candle, then while you wait for the scent to really emanate from the candle, you can spray your room spray and have the scent immediately filling your space. This gives your candle time to disperse its fragrance (and also enhancing the scent). Room Sprays are amazing when you have guests over and want that wonderful hit of scent immediately, or if you have kids (or pets) running around and don’t want an open flame.

Our natural aromatherapy rood spray mists  are made in Australia and contain nothing but water, alcohol and high quality fragrant oils.