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Ethically produced candles

We work hard to make sure our products are produced using sustainable practices and responsible sourcing to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our impact on the earth.

We work with local suppliersto reducethe resources required to access the materials we need and retain transparency in our supplier chain.

We use natural and recyclable materialsincluding 100% soy
wax, wood wicks and enviro-friendly packaging.

We create reusable products.Our jars, tins and diffusers can be reused and repurposed as vases, storage containers or decorative pieces.


We have an ongoing commitment to supporting indigenous charities. 100% of the profits from our NAIDOC release and 20% of the profits from our Soul Collection are donated to The Healing Foundation, a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that supports stolen generation survivors, families and

The art work for our NAIDOC release and Soul Collection was created in collaboration with Mamu woman Melanie Hava and is, importantly, endorsed by the Indigenous Art Code.

Australia in a tin, the Soul Collection brings together the scents of quintessential Australian fauna, flora, sea and red dirt. The indigenous art with contemporary flair, draws inspiration from the rainforest and reef animals of the artist's mother's land. SHOP NOW


We collaborate with charitable organisations and community partners to create signature scents and products for fundraising purposes, providing a discounted rate for these projects.

Interested in a collaboration?