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In yoga candles have traditionally been used to set the mood of a class, to set a mood and energy of a space. The right smell plays a very important part in creating a desired ambiance, working both on the conscious and subconscious level, to relax, energize, or revitalize.

Inspired by the artistry and traditions of yoga, our Asana candles are handcrafted to provide serenity through the use of aromatherapy and the comforting crackle of wood wick for a truly tranquil affair. Our candles set the right mind frame for the practice of yoga.

Life is a sensory experience, and this experience can be enhanced and tailored through aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy has a variety of potential benefits, including boosting energy and mood, improving sleep, relieving stress, reducing anxiety, and even providing pain relief. Using essential oils and other plant-based materials LIGHT + GLO creates therapeutic scents that can help to promote physical and mental well-being.