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Natural soy candles that smell good, look good and do good

At Light & Glo we put the science back into candle-making. Because choosing the right candle for your space is about so much more than scent. Grounded in aromatherapy, our carefully blended, premium fragrances don’t just smell amazing but help you to relax, refresh, revitalise and reignite your senses.

Hand poured in Melbourne, Australia our natural soy candles have wood wicks that crackle delightfully, like a tiny open fireplace. And our jars and packaging have been beautifully curated with collaborating artists to bring an effortlessly cool
aesthetic to any space.

But our mission doesn’t stop at creating beautiful products

The entire Light & Glo range is produced with ethical and sustainable practices, responsible sourcing of materials and a strong social conscience. GIVING BACK

We love our natural soy candles and scents. And you do, too. See our AWARDS


Meet the duo who set the ball in motion…

Suji & JEEVA

“Suji and Jeeva – when medial experts turn their minds to scents, things get a little bit magical. Suji and Jeeva are the alchemists behind the local gem Light & Glo.”

Suji is the nose and creative director behind LNG. Working closely with Australian perfumists she strives to create an innovative fragrance collection.

Before chandlery, Suji began her career in medicine at King’s College London then finding her niche working in clinical research and policy in various institutions such as MCRI and BCNA. Whilst on maternity leave, she began LNG drawing on her creative flair and eye for design.

Jeeva is the marketing mastermind behind the success of LNG. He works in collaboration with Australian suppliers to source the highest quality, natural resources to ensure that LNG candles are not only luxe in appearance but nature too.

He is the face of LNG at many expos, markets, and events. Jeeva fondly referred to as the “candle man” also wears another hat as a medical Doctor and Researcher having worked at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Monash, and the Alfred.