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It’s Australian made week! The week we’re more than usual we get to talk about one of our favourite topics - how important it is to buy Australian made products, not just for the company but for yourself.


Perhaps, most notably is QU-AL-ITY. Quality is everything these days, who wants to pay for something that’s going to fall apart and barely work? The answer is nobody. With Australia having one of the highest quality control and laws in the world, by purchasing Australian made you’re making sure you’re receiving the best of the best and your money’s worth and then some.


Jobs have been a major talk of conversation in the last year, especially with the COVID crisis and many people losing their jobs and by supporting Australian made, you support local Australians in their jobs to be able to continue making products and doing the things they love the most.


Not only that, but by supporting local businesses and jobs through Australian made, you really support local communities and the larger community as money is able to be circulated through from wages, meaning a happier economy and a happier Australia.


If you’re more eco-conscious, Australia also has one of the highest and most stringent environmental guidelines to ensure that Australia stays at the forefront of eco-consciousness. Not only that but by buying Australian made, it means fewer carbon miles and greenhouse emissions are created in the transportation process!


Also, in the age of Wish and odd imports - Australian made makes sure you’re receiving the actual item you asked for, with full transparency and openness, meaning that you know exactly what you’re receiving and how you’re going to receive it.


There’s so many reasons why we should all invest in Australian made, from cost to supporting local entrepreneurship, economy and everything in-between and now more than ever, it’s important to have our fellow Aussie’s backs. So when you’re rolling down your local Woolies or Coles this week, make sure to look for the Australian made tick ( and make sure to look for it online for all you online shoppers! )

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