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“More than a word. Reconciliation takes action.” With twenty years of Reconciliation Australia, this years theme and motto ring brightly true.


So what exactly is Reconciliation Week and what is Light & Glo doing to help assist and be apart of change? ( aka how are we talking our talk and not just walking our walk )


National Reconciliation Week is a week focused on learning about the history of cultures, achievements and how we can contribute to a reconciliation with the First Nations people within Australia. The dates of it start and end are very important as these dates indicated the successful 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo case.


Light & Glo continues to try and be the best enterprise we can be to support the Indigenous and First Nations people, this is inclusive of things such as making sure we are ethically dealing and supporting ethical Indigenous Art within our Soul Collection.


This is through being a recognised dealer by the Indigenous Art Code and having our artwork be done by recognised artist Melanie Hava, to ensure our dealings surrounding Indigenous artwork is dealt with in the most gracious and ethical way.


All our Soul Collection candles, which are inspired by the native landscape and feature Indigenous Art are consulted with First Nation people to ensure that all scents and names are accurate and authentic. This is inclusive of names of our scents, the scent notes itself and it’s presentation.


Also notably, a portion of every sale of our Soul Collection candles go back to local Indigenous and First Nation communities in need, with the upcoming of NAIDOC Week, our Healing Country candle will also be providing 100% of it’s profits back to these communities and organisations.


Reconciliation is important, is not just a word to be thrown around easily, it is an effort that has to be made with time and effort and Light & Glo has committed itself to making a change and helping the reconciliation process in the ways that we can.

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