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Here’s to hello 2021 and kicking 2020 right out the door

To call this year crazy would be a little bit of an understatement when it comes to talking about 2020.

With launches of our Soul Collection extension, our Christmas collection and Lightmas celebration, Diwali, relaunching beloved products like the Dulcet (aka retro jar) Collection bigger and better than ever. Light & Glo has been so lucky with the opportunity to be able to add a little light into a time that was a struggle (including us!) for many.

This year with the pandemic and COVID-19, our focus shifted to adaptability. From working out of home again, honing in on our online tribe ( though we’ll admit you never stop learning with that one) staff cut backs and pushing back dates we were so excited to launch on.

But from the ashes of our struggle came some incredible opportunities like our article in The Age and even a segment on ABC and creating hand sanitiser in order to try and help the COVID mania in the west at the time and being able to raise 3K for charity through the sale of our Soul Collection candles! 

This year has been an absolute rollercoaster full of good, bad, crazy moments and quiet times at home with the kids ( which we know we will cherish years from now. ) But from all of us here at Light & Glo, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and love through this year, from purchasing product to liking or sharing - it is all so appreciated and helped keep this little family dream afloat!

We cannot wait to show you what 2021 has to bring, with all it’s Glo and magic and all the opportunities to come! 

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