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Aromatherapy and Wellness - Be Kind to Yourself

A lot of our little Light & Glo family often ask us why we’re so particular with the scents we put in certain candles and products and why we advocate for the benefits of a little thing called aromatherapy.

So what is aromatherapy exactly? Aromatherapy is the art of using naturally extracted aromatic oils from plants and has been used for centuries across the world. For instance, several societies and tribes noticed the healing powers of lavender and started placing little bags of dried flowers under their pillows to stimulate a good night’s sleep.

While the scientific evidence is lacking regarding the physical healing properties of essential oils, there is increasing evidence of aromatherapy’s mood-altering effects, which is where Light & Glo melds their particular scents in order to help alter your mood - whether that’s to help you relax, revitalise you, help you sleep through relaxation, more lovey through aphrodisiac candles. This is due to the olfactory system’s primary pathway involving the amygdala, which is part of the limbic system and is linked to emotions and memories. It’s no wonder scent can invoke such powerful feelings.

Self care and indulgence has always been something we’ve held close to our hearts - a moment out of each day to take care of one’s self and relax. Aromatherapy used regularly can support both physical and emotional health and through use of essential oils can be used to calm, energise and relax the body. For example in our Asana Relaxation candle - sandalwood and jasmine meet in order to help allow stress to roll off the shoulders for whomever burns it or our Meditation candle that melds the focus improving, muscle alleviating mint notes and stress reducing and calming effects of lavender to help with a balanced, stress less time!

If you’re looking to dive into the world of aromatherapy, tap the link below to discover our Asana Collection, vibrant and help to give you a dose of self-care and relaxation through aromatherapical scents.

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