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Build it Braver - Vodcasting with the Legend Himself Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris / Sydney:

The secret we’ve been holding in for a whole year is finally and out!  We can finally tell you all about it!

This was definitely a pinch yourself business moment and what exactly was that moment? Getting invited to jet up to Sydney and take apart in a kickass panel with some major business icons - including the founder of Bailey Nelson and biz genius himself Mark Bouris.
Talking about all things growth, a vodcast (a video podcast) was filmed and recorded and hitting your ears very soon. This has got to be one of our favourite conversations, being able to soak in all the incredible info and advice the big guns had to offer while also sharing our own story.

But let’s go back to the start, so it’s the start of the year (2021) and we get a call inviting us to this amazing opportunity to fly up to Sydney and chat with these legends of the field and we’re like hell yeah! Melbourne isn’t in lockdown, we’re out and about, enjoying the sunshine and then of course, because what has been easy about 2021, Sydney goes into lockdown and things get postponed not once but twice.
Zoom forward all the way to December and we’re finally ready to jet off, no kids, just Jeeva and I ready for a good time and it could not have gone any better if we asked, all that waiting really was worth it.
From some incredible food, some much needed TLC in the makeup and pamper chair and finally being able to meet Mark and Peter Winkle, gifting them some of our fave candles right now ( aka the Spring Collection, obsessed.)
We talked everything from moving into to our new mansion of a warehouse all the way back to our days working market stalls ( the real VIP’s know exactly what I’m talking about ) and what it’s been like as a business over the last six years and our growth (which has really been an insane growth thanks to you guys!)
After a long day of filming, it was time for a great dinner, a good night’s sleep and back on the plane to Melbourne again! It was such a well needed break from all the craziness of the last two years and we couldn’t be more thankful for the team for having us and chatting all things candles and biz with us. It was surely an experience we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Then come Feb 2022, we get a call that we have to do it all again but this time via zoom as all the other episodes needed to be virtual - COVID strikes again... so after an epic 18months our vodcast is now live. 

His passion is infections, his drive like no other and the wisdom he exudes is limitless and we were fortunate to film a vodcast. Keen to listen to the pearls of link below.



Suji xx

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