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Eco-friendly & Sustainability

Are the candle companies you stock helping the environment? Are they helping plant trees? Light + Glo’s are.


Eco-friendly & Sustainability -  as business owners we always want to make sure we’re doing as right by the planet and the community as we are our customers. 🍃♻️


We’re lighting up the conversation this week about all things sustainable and how something as simple as a candle, could help give back to nature, in more ways than one! It might even make you look twice at the candles you’re stocking now and if they’re doing as much as you thought they could. 


Our wood wicks are FSC certifiedand that little acronym means more than you might think when it comes to the bigger picture. 🌍

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) means it’s a big green thumbs up when it comes to the environment. The wood wicks you get in every dose of Glo is responsibility managed and environmentally and economically conscious viable and responsible! 

Not only that but with every candle you buy, you actually plant a tree!!  So every time you buy a candle or use one of our woodwicks, no extra damage is being done! 

It’s about the most eco-friendly way to go when shopping and stocking candles that you can feel good about and actually tell your customers about. It’s a win-win all the way around!


Stock our wood wick candles and its green star in quality and responsibility! 💚🌱

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