Send Your Love With a Candle this Valentine's

by Admin Lightandglo February 12, 2020 3 Comments

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means we know just what
you need. Candles. There is a reason why candles are such a popular gift
for those we care about most in the season of love and it’s because the
power of scent can do so much for us. It can lift our moods, relax us,
act as an aphrodisiac and is all too often associated with positive

So our recommendation for this Valentine’s Day? Our glorious Artist
Collection fitted for all of your Valentine’s Day needs. Sweet Serenity
- filled with champagne, strawberry and rose notes for the sweetest of
mornings and days, all the classics of Valentine’s Day mixed into one
perfect candle. If on the hunt for something slightly different, perhaps
our Coral Plush scent with delectable notes of peach nectar and florals,
sure to make your partner ( or even yourself ) feel all warm and fuzzy
inside. And for night, our Midnight Velvet cannot be passed with an
exotic blend of black orchid, ginger root, patchouli and musk perfect
for those intimate moments.

If you’re looking for something perhaps slightly more masculine make
sure to look no further than our best selling Black Hawk, a forever
crowd pleaser for the males who may not often buy candles and with our
sleek Monochrome packaging - it makes the perfect gift.

Whatever candle you may decide to pick up this year for Valentine’s Day,
know that love is put into each one of our L&G candles and that will
always shine through the candles, adding that extra dose of glo and love
to your day.

Admin Lightandglo
Admin Lightandglo


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February 13, 2020


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