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When The Express Rolled Into Town!

Champagne, Cameras and Candles! It was an early morning start for the
team at Light and Glo Candles as we all glammed ourselves up for the
exciting shooting day for American Express’ Shop Small campaign which is
a celebration of small businesses across Australia and focuses on
investing money into the community and helping local businesses.

First was a stop in the makeup chair, where Suji, Jeeva and the team got
all glitzed up and the set up of the film was set up by Junkee Media. It
was a flurry of excitement and wonderful scents in the air as well as a
lot of laughter. Black Raspberry and Vanilla, Sweet Serenity, Coastal
Vibe - everybody choosing their favourite scents and getting to know
each other. Then it was time to begin shooting, melting a river of
golden wax, mixing the most wondrous of scents, pouring candles with the
biggest of smiles.

Although a long day, it was an incredible day filled with so much
laughter, new friends made and so much learnt. We had the opportunity to
chat with super businesswoman Sarah Holloway, who brought another level
of energy into the Light and Glo warehouse and with so much wisdom and
excitement of her own.

This was not only such an incredible day for Light and Glo Designs, but
such an amazing opportunity - we are truly humbled and felt so loved by
the wonderful group of individuals that made up this team and to be able
to be apart of a campaign that champions an idea of local support of
businesses that is so important to our story and brand. A little dose of
Glo comes in so many forms and we hope that we can provide the entire
community with just a little package of happiness.

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