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3 Different Ways to Scent your Home without Candles / The Benefits of Diffusers and Room Sprays

 There is often a misconception that you can only scent a room with a candle, and as much as we love creating and crafting candles, we think there are some unsung heroes of the scent game that really deserve some love, that can transform a space even better than candles can. For example, looking for something to get rid of that stale feeling in an office, study or guest bedroom?

Scent Diffusers are the perfect match, long-lasting with three months of scent time and a low maintenance way of scenting your house, scent diffusers are the perfect way to replace a tired space that needs a little bit of love with a constant and welcoming aroma that helps you settle into the space. Not only that but scent diffusers are perfect for those who like to control how much scent is put in the air, through the 100% natural wooden reeds - you can adjust the scent to be as strong or as faint as you like by either adding fewer or more sticks into the diffuser.

This makes it perfect for those who can be sensitive to strong fragrance or prefer a more full on scent. Another little hack for your kitchen pantry, linen closet, laundry and car is the mini hanging diffusers - which dispel scent through the air for smaller spaces, allowing for a pleasant smell all throughout the house and within the car. We’re enjoying currently using them in our laundry, as I find that a scent that I enjoy not only clears out that pesky washing-machine foggy smell but also makes it seem not as much as a chore, when there’s at least a nice scent in the space.

Room sprays are also a great flexible option that even more so than diffusers allow you to control how much scent you want in an area, from a quick “a guest is coming over” spritz to a room filled scent party. Not only that but they are a super quick way to add some scent into any space with a few quick sprays that aren’t too overbearing or linger longer than one may want.

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