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Need an all natural way to help out during this chilly winter to help prevent colds, flus and those ever annoying runny noses and itchy throats? What if we said we had the perfect cold killer and preventer in candle form? Believe us? Kind of suss? Either way say hi to Just Breathe!

So what exactly is Just Breathe? Just Breathe is a clearing mix of peppermint and eucalyptus that assists in clearing out those icky sinuses ( there’s literally nothing worse than a blocked nose ) and help fight off nasty colds and flu’s. Now the big question - how exactly?

First how does scent and candles work together in the first place help? The sensory receptors in your brain, which get signals from olfactory cells in your nose, are activated when you breathe in air, specifically scented air. Tiny cilia fibres on each cell have receptors that have different shapes to fit different scent molecules that hit them. These nerve cells then send a message to your brain where the limbic system, which is synced with your emotions, is stimulated. Since many of our common conditions and bad moods can be traced to an imbalance of emotions, utilising scents is very effective for soothing conditions such as headaches, insomnia, cold-and-flu and anxiety.

Through candles being able to produce particular scents and diffuse it into the air, allowing for these aromas to be placed into the air and a larger space, allowing you to the relaxing properties of the candles while also enjoying the scent benefits.

Eucalyptus is scientifically proven to have antiviral and antimicrobial properties that help fight off anything that can help you stop from even catching a cold in the first place, ( Too many things to do to be catching colds these days, anyway. )

In the case, that a cold persists, peppermint is known to also act as a natural de-congestant and fever reducer, making for a shorter, more comfortable period. The way peppermint does this so the concentrated scent of peppermint acts as an expectorant and ease some of the mucus build up in the respiratory system. ( Also did we mention that because it’s all natural, you can burn it while you go to sleep for a happy night’s rest? Score. )

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