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How to make a candle collection / The process of creating a new collection

Ever wondered where the ideas of a candle-maker come from? How we pick and choose our scents and how the candle sitting at home, burning away the fragrance comes to be?

We thought we’d let you in on some of the journey here at Light & Glo about our collections and candles come to be!

Unlike many companies, we actually start with our packaging, we first pick a theme whether’s that romance and love like the Amour Collection, yoga for Asana or home aesthetics for Artist. We then heavily research not what scents are you guys - our customers, gravitating and loving but also scents that will help you in the everyday, making sure it’s not just a candle but almost like a helper for your everyday problems.

It’s then hours and hours of scouring on Pinterest for ideas, seeing what is trending in not only Australia but the United States and Europe to ensure that we’re ahead of trends and delivering you the most modern and sophisticated scents and candles on the market.

Then our packaging, theme and ideas start to influence our scent, if in an already exisiting collection such as Soul - we make sure it aligns with our native Australian theme, or if a completely new theme - we sit down with our perfumers and decide exactly how we want particular scent notes in order to be able to help with whatever problem we’re addressing - whether’s that relaxation, romance, happiness, stress-relief or anything in between.

Then it's test and try time, putting all our ideas into it's physical form and when we find the perfect match, that's how you guys get to meet collections like our Asana, Soul and Amour range. 


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