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Our Brand New Candle Collab! | Soy Candles Australia

The birds are chirping, the flowers are bloomin’ - Spring is upon us, and so to is the drop of the season. We’ve teased and hinted over the months about something special landing at the new Light & Glo warehouse mansion and it’s almost ready to be swooped up like a magpie in the first weeks of Spring.

Collaborating with Indigenous Art Code Artist Chern’ee Sutton, this fun, bright and new Australian made soy candlecollection is complete with baby blues and soft pinks, custom printed artwork and cult classic award winning vegan candles in our infamous Asana Jar. 

So are you ready to meet the must haves of this September and your new candle obsessions? 

You guys have been begging us for more woody scents in our iconic native essential oil blend candleformulation and who are we to deny the people what they want? For an iconic, woodsy vibe this Spring meet Red Cockatoo ( Kurri kurri Marpu ) with mouth-watering fig, pops of pepper and sketchings of patchouli. Red Cockatoo is really what you’ve been waiting for. 

Soak up the sun with Birthing Tree (Artii Nganthi) with this summery, sweet mix of juicy, vibrant grapefruit, delicious blood orange and the dry, coconut vibe of authentic figs. This blend is a must have during the warm weather, perfect for days out on the deck, lighting at night and making memories this Spring.


Feeling dreary? Wash it away with a dose of Bush Medicine (Munangu Mirrithin) with a walk through Australia’s bush, with native botanicals and herbs and just like Mary Poppins, it’s got a spoonful of sugar to help it all go down perfectly with applewood, green melon and a hint of lemon for some extra zest!

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