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What To Do In Lockdown When You Can’t Do Anything | Soy Candles Australia


Lockdown has got us all bored af, missing wine nights getting lit to old 2000’s and 90’s songs with the girls, getting dressed up and seeing those we care most about and feeling international sun on our skin. So what is there to do when really…you can’t leave 5kms out of your house. Light & Glo wanted to find a solution, whether that’s with our ethically produced candles, glass scent diffusers or something completely different, we made the go to guide to what to do when you can’t do anything.


A. Binge your favourite movies / tv shows


Now look, let’s be honest, we’ve probably already done this already. Whether’s it’s a Disney marathon with your kids, a nostalgic all nighter of the Harry Potter films or drinking red wine on the couch in your Oodie snuggled up and watching Bridget Jones’ Diary. Movie nights are a great way to distract and make an event out of something, get all your gals on a Zoom together and rewatch all the best and worst parts of Gossip Girl or Sex In The City, make a pillow fort, light one of our natural soy candles, grab some popcorn. It’s all about creating that child-like excitement of a late night up, but just with adult touches, like maybe a scented oil diffuser.


B. Become an IG model


We’re kidding… kind of! Lockdown has been the perfect time to learn how to take the ultimate IG selfies, grab a tripod, some white sheets and put a timer on your phone and you’re ready to go for a full fledged shoot all about you. This is not only a whole lot more fun than we thought it would be, but it’s such a great way to love yourself and to get to know yourself and admire all the flaws and perfections we have as people in a time where we are really reliant on ourselves. For a bit of fun to your shoot, make sure to grab one of our vegan soy wax candles to add some glo!


C. Perfect your skincare routine and self care routine

Summer bods? Out. Refreshed, well taken care of skin with sunscreen to top it off? Totally in. Lockdown is the perfect time to redo your skin care routine or get it under wraps so that when we’re let out, the glo up is real. Whether it’s switching to an organic all natural body wash or taking care of yourself by using sunscreen throughout the day. Run yourself a Lush bubble bath (my kids are currently obsessed) light some candles and be kind to yourself and your skin during lockdown. Yes, that does also mean cutting out some of those Macca’s nuggets you’ve been eyeing off.

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