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Asana Collection Candle


Asana Collection 

Inspired by the artistry and traditions of yoga, our Asana candles are hand crafted to provide serenity through the use of aromatherapy and the comforting crackle of woodwick, encased in an amber jar for a truly tranquil affair.

Energizing: A powerful mix of patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, musk and amber which is reminiscent of incense, it is crafted to re-enliven and kickstart your day into gear and open your eyes to the day’s opportunity.

Meditation: Mint marries lavender to clear out the senses and worries, allowing you to breathe easier, focus and concentrate to allow you moments of complete serenity and zen during the rush of everyday.

Relaxation: The antidote to a stressful day, Relaxation blends together jasmine and sandalwood in order to calm the senses and release any tensions or stresses that may have built throughout the day, leaving way for relaxed shoulders and happy smiles through the gentle throw of aromatherapy.


Burn time: 45hrs 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Abi H
My favourite scent

I tracked down the Asana candle after being gifted a beautiful Diwali Candle from our CBA business manager. It's my favourite scent reminding me of home and happy memories. I love the wooden wick too, it has a lovely crackling noise as it burns, plus there is son much less smoke from the candle. I find that this candle also has great throw and it fragrances the whole house subtlety. My only wish was that this candle came in one of the attractive big jars instead of these smaller medicinal brown ones - reminds me of my time as a pharmacist! Also they are definitely harder to light and keep going as they get nearer the bottom. Despite the container issue, I will always keep a few in the cupboard as the fragrance is perfect; in fact I probably need to order more already!

Ash McCoy

I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous the ‘Energising’ candle is. Already onto my third one in a matter of months. Not only is it reminiscent of beautiful yoga studios but the fragrance lingers in your house for days after you’ve blown out the candle. I truly hope Light and Glo continue this range as it is simply stunning!!

Dawn DG
Love this one!

I burn this on WFH days that are a little stressful and it gives that additional burst to make it through a hard days’ work.

Candle wick keeps going out.

My husband has recently passed away and I wasI was recently given an Asana candle ( meditation ). My husband recently passed away, so it was perfect for me. It is beautiful. The only problem is the wick won’t stay lit. It’s such a such a shame because I can’t use it. Is this something that happens often? I’d just like your opinion on this.
Regards, Barbara Higgins

Fragrance with a punch

Highly recommend the energising fragrance, it is happiness in a jar with the fragrance lasting well after the candle as been put out. To me the sandalwood fragrance is the one that stands out the most with pleasant hints of the patchouli, musk and vanilla.